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"I had no idea the potential my business had until I started working with Ad Campaign Agency. I as able to quickly scale my business."
"I love how transparent their pricing is."
"Their team was incredibly efficient. Our ads We were up and running the same week we scheduled our call."

How It works

We make it easy to get up and running on all of the major advertising platforms. 

Step 1: Schedule Your Call

You schedule your call with one of our advertising specialists. 

We will discuss your business, budget and goals for your ad campaigns.

It’s Free!

Step 2: Campaign Strategy Session

We create an extremely detailed, customized strategy that will reach your goals. 

We discuss that strategy with you and agree on a final plan.


Step 3: Campaign Creation

We create your campaigns. We require a minimum of $5,000 of total monthly ad spend to use our services. Can be allocated across multiple platforms.

Step 4: Campaign Optimization

We continuously monitor, manage and optimize these campaigns.

We charge 20% of the spend that we manage. Cancel Anytime!

Schedule Your Call

Schedule your no-obligation call with one of our advertising experts. We will spend time with you to discuss your advertising goals and review the resources that we have available to you. We will also review the process and make sure we are a good fit for each other. 

Get Your Strategy

We create an extremely detailed, customized strategy that will reach your goals. We discuss that strategy with you and agree on a final plan. Sure, plans change over time and we are happy to make any adjustments you need. This detailed plan is how the budget will be allocated to ensure you reach your advertising goals. 

Our Advertising Platforms

Quora Ad Campaigns

A vastly underutilized advertising platform of users who are asking and answering questions. Establish yourself as an industry expert using Quora Ads!

Reddit Ad Campaigns

Advertise on "the front page of the internet" as they like to call it. Get your message out to the masses on this platform.

Instagram Ad Campaigns

Do you have great photography and video assets that need to be shared with the world? Instagram is the place to do that.

TikTok Ad Campaigns

Are you hip? Are you cool? Get on TikTok.

Text Message Ad Campaigns

Everyone checks their text messages. Create an awesome text message campaign today!

Gmail Message Ad Campaigns

Everyone has a gmail account. Inexpensively send out promotional emails to gmail users today!

Amazon Ad Campaigns

Selling physical products? Advertise on the #1 eCommerce site in the world.

Snapchat Ad Campaigns

Be a part of snapchat user's everyday conversations. Share your message with people across the world.

LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

The working professional's social media platform. Get more working professionals as customers using this advertising platform!

Facebook Ad Campaigns

You all know facebook. Everyone advertised here. Do you?

Twitter Ad Campagins

Get short messages out to your loyal followers. Make sure they see your updates with Twitter ads!

Google Ad Campaigns

Get highly targeted traffic of searchers to your product, service, or application.

Youtube Ad Campaigns

Everyone is streaming video on their devices these days. Get in front of your target audience with YouTube Ads.

Indeed Ad Campaigns

Need to fill that job fast? We can help you create an indeed ad to find great candidates fast.

Etsy Ad Campaigns

Have handmade products that need to be shared? Let us create an etsy ad for you!

Zillow Ad Campaigns

Are you a real estate agent and not on zillow? Let us help you close more deals.

Our Simple Pricing Structure

  • Low, One-Time Strategy Session


  • Low, 20% of Ad Spend Management Fee

Advertising ROAS Calculator

Do you want to see just how powerful advertising can be? Use our Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Calculator below to see that our fees are minimal and that your business can make a lot of money!

Yes, all of our fees are outline below. No Surprises! Everyone loves the level of pricing transparency that Ad Campaign Agency brings to your business. 

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